Our Fees

At Bradley Bayly Legal, we will endeavour to negotiate a settlement that will cover most of your out-of-pocket expenses and legal fees. In most cases, there will be no upfront costs that need to be paid.  

During your initial consultation, we will thoroughly explain our legal fee structure to ensure you have a full understanding of what to expect throughout the process. 

Calculating Your Legal Costs

In most cases, legal fees are charged under the Legal Practitioners (Supreme Court) (Contentious Business) Determination, generally known as the Supreme Court Scale. As every individual has a unique situation, the total cost of pursuing a claim varies from case to case. 

Following your initial consultation, we will provide you with an estimated cost breakdown based on past experience. There are a range of factors that could impact our initial cost estimate, including the circumstances of how your claim is settled and whether your case proceeds to trial.   

Your other expenses could include, but are not limited to, medical report fees, administrative fees and other court fees. 

As your initial consultation is obligation free, you will not be charged for our legal advice if you decide not to engage our services.  

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If you would like to discuss your serious injury claim and determine your next steps, contact us to arrange an obligation-free consultation. We will take the time to understand your personal situation and provide you with preliminary advice. While we are based in Perth, we are able to assist with state, national and international cases.

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